Image Credit: Mario Perez/CBS“This is one wave you don’t want to ride,” the promo told us. Yes, because it doesn’t exist. Last night’s very special tsunami episode of Hawaii Five-0 was a false alarm, so if you didn’t stick around to watch it after the Steelers beat the Jets, relax: You didn’t miss the opportunity to judge the special effects. Turns out the head of the Tsunami Warning Center was kidnapped so he could feed a hacker false data to create an evacuation, and a Coast Guard commander could steal $28 million from the police department’s evidence locker. The question is, was the payoff enough? McGarrett, Danno, and Kono had used $10 million of that drug money to save Chin from Hess, so they assumed they’d get busted after they saved the day and the governor, who had denied them the money, got word that only $18 million was actually in play. I thought for sure she was going to split up the team when she called McGarrett into her office, but I guess that was a little too NCIS. She just wanted to congratulate McGarrett on a job well done — the money was all there. Intrigued, or still pissed? PopWatch poll!

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