Dying to see what master-of-the-music video Britney Spears is going to pull out of her bag of tricks for her forthcoming “Hold It Against Me” video? Behold! Over the weekend, Brit-Brit Tweeted a first look at the shoot for the clip—the picture at the left shows her in a red suit (reminiscent of that lacquered lusciousness she wore in “Oops, I Did it Again” vid, maybe?), appropriately bottled-blonded, and surrounded by about a zillion microphones. Not exactly sure how that all plays into the idea of holding it against Britney if she said she wants your body now, but I’ll go with it at this point. With all that pressure, who wouldn’t need a vacation tonight? (OK, I’ll stop it with the silly, lyrical puns.)

Besides just the photo, Britney also Tweeted words! On Saturday, she said, “Day 1 of the HAIM shoot with [director’ Jonas Akerlund. Such an incredible experience. I think this will be one of the best videos I have ever done.” Yesterday—with the photo—she wrote, “Day 2 is a wrap! #HIAM video coming soon…”

Are you guys excited for the “Hold It Against Me” video? Can you make any sense of the photo? Sound off in the comments below!

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