The Sundance premiere of Don Cheadle’s festival entry The Guard was definitely the hot ticket of the night: I spotted several big movie-industry executives in attendance. The pitch-black comedy, set in Galway, Ireland, features a priceless performance by actor Brendan Gleeson, who costarred opposite Colin Farrell in another Sundance movie, In Bruges. Interestingly, The Guard — about a local police detective who teams up with an FBI agent to solve a string of murders — was directed by John Michael McDonagh, brother of In Bruges filmmaker Martin McDonagh.

Cheadle, Gleeson, and McDonagh stopped by our EW photo studio to chat about their big night, what attracted Cheadle to the film, and a memorable scene from The Guard when Gleeson emerges from the ocean wearing a full-body wet suit. Of course I refer to it as his “Daniel Craig moment,” while he has something else in mind.