Image Credit: Jacob Cohl; Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty ImagesTwo days after a new action-packed ending was added to Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, actress T.V. Carpio tells EW exclusively that there are still significant changes being made to the musical in preparation for its opening on March 15. Carpio, who took over the role of Arachne after Natalie Mendoza was injured, says that director Julie Taymor is in the process of implementing “major changes in the second act, which will make things more clear and better,” specifically targeting the climactic battle between the arch-villainess Arachne and Peter Parker.

This comes just a few weeks after some early reviewers criticized the show’s second act, which deviates from Spider-Man’s comic canon by focusing on Arachne, a character invented by Taymor. According to producer Michael Cohl, Taymor reconvened with writer Glen Berger and composers Bono and The Edge this month to tweak the show, which is now set to open on March 15 after a series of delays.

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