Image Credit: David Giesbrecht/USANetworkUSA’s Royal Pains returned for its winter premiere last night, and like everyone who was watching the snow fall outside, I was happy to return to the sunny Hamptons. Hank was the designated doctor for a golf tournament benefiting the hospital — because golf tournaments are, apparently, incredibly dangerous. For instance, you may be riding with a golf pro (guest star Tom Cavanagh) with some kind of joint ailment in his hands, and he won’t be able to properly swerve to miss the golf cart being driven by a booze hound (guest star Amy Sedaris) and her husband, so you get thrown from your cart and land on a black widow spider that bites you. At least, that’s what happened to Jill (Jill Flint). The payoff was Jill getting loopy and calling Hank (Mark Feuerstein) “Hanky Panky” and admitting to him, Divya (Reshma Shetty), and the pro that she misses Hank. Jill eventually went on a date with the golf pro, but not before she apologized for whatever she said while drugged and Hank told her he may have kind of liked it. They agreed to talk later, and after she walked away, he said, “I miss you, too.” I am a sucker for Feuerstein when he turns serious like that. If Jill has to be dating someone other than Hank, Cavanagh is a good bit of casting. He’s just as innately likable as Feuerstein. But will that relationship continue? USA confirms that this is the only episode Cavanagh has filmed for this winter run, but doesn’t rule him out popping up again in the future. Ditto Sedaris. I think she HAS to return at some point. Those few seconds of her on screen last night as rich and drunk were not enough. That woman needs to get sick, STAT.

As for the rest of the hour, I would have turned the TV off immediately if Henry Winkler had died. You do not kill off Henry Winkler. Hank saved Eddie, who wasn’t faking a heart attack, and in the process, Hank realized he didn’t want to lose his dad again. Now, however, it’s Evan who wants him to leave — to avoid the jail time he could be facing for a trading scheme. Boris, who Eddie had been informing on as part of a deal, offered to help get Eddie to a warmer climate to recuperate, but he’s not leaving his boys. At least not yet. USA confirms Winkler’s in two more episodes this winter run, including the finale. (After Evan won a yacht in a hole-in-one contest, I thought Eddie might take off on it. Glad he didn’t. And P.S., I think Evan took LOSING A YACHT! because he was a HankMed employee rather well.)

While we wait to see how the Boris-Eddie drama plays out, what’s your prediction? And speaking of drama: Even though Divya told Adam (Patrick Heusinger) that she felt nothing when they kissed so he’d stop pursuing her, are you hoping he doesn’t?