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NBC has caught some flak in the last couple years for some kooky programming decisions. (Hello, Jay Leno Show! Goodbye, Jay Leno Show!) But last night saw the debut of an intriguing new strategy: a three-hour, six-sitcom Thursday comedy block. And what comedies! The critically-beloved 30 Rock and The Office have becoming defining sitcoms for the network. Intriguingly, neither show has ever really been a ratings bonanza, which must be an inspiring fact for Community and Parks and Recreation, two cult gems that have probably only dodged cancellation because the network doesn’t really have anything else. Freshman shows Outsourced and Perfect Couples might look a bit shrimpy by comparison, but remember: None of the Thursday sitcoms started out perfect. And even if the three-hour comedy block fails like so many other Jack Donaghy-esque NBC schemes, this experiment does offer an interesting opportunity to compare and contrast the network’s sitcom lineup. So tell us, viewers: What’s your favorite NBC sitcom on Thursday night? Tell us in the poll after the jump, and if you feel like it, give us your complete 1 to 6 rating in the comments!

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30 Rock
30 Rock

Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, and Tracy Morgan star in the Emmy-winning comedy. You want to go to there.

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