Image Credit: The CWSo you want to be on top (of Jim Carrey), former America's Next Top Model contestant Anchal Joseph? That's right, fellow ANTM fans: The Cycle 7 beauty was spotted last night with Carrey leaving a production of Time Stands Still on Broadway. (And in Hollywood, being spotted together means you're one step from marriage, of course. If these rules applied to real life, I'd be engaged to my cat.) Our Top Model girls: Celebrity daters, Oscar bait actresses, and wig models. They've come so far!

Since I only know Anchal in the context of Top Model — heck, do I know anything outside of the context of Top Model? — I choose to delve into their possible courtship by guessing which of these three pictures from the CW reality show most enticed Carrey. From left to right:

1) Ability to don Jasmine hair is a bonus, but, in the name of Tyra, Carrey needs some broken-down baby doll, Anchal! Pack your belongings and go home.

2) Fabio? Gold wristbands? A book by Tyra Banks? Reviewed by Mr. Jay? Total drekitude. I have never in my life yelled at a girl like this.

3) Clearly, No. 3 is the winner. Because Ace Ventura loves birds. Plus, she could slam into Fabio's face on a roller coaster.

Are you proud of our Top Model friend, PopWatchers? And is this the dumbest post I've ever written? Yes. No.

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