Image Credit: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagicHonestly, I’d prefer Harry Connick Jr. return to Broadway as himself after seeing his limited-run show there last summer, but I’ll take what I can get: The New York Post reports that the crooner, who starred in the 2006 revival of The Pajama Game, will likely star as the psychiatrist in the update of the 1965 Alan Jay Lerner-Burton Lane musicalOn a Clear Day You Can See Forever this fall. (A rep for Connick tells EW, “We’ve had some discussions but there’s nothing to announce at this time.”) In the original production, the patient was a young woman with ESP who, in a past life, was an English aristocrat. In Peter Parnell’s revamped script, staged at Vassar College last summer under the direction of American Idiot‘s Michael Mayer, the patient is a young man who, in a past life, was a black female jazz singer, the Post reports. Yes, it sounds like Connick is just the man to treat him.