If Spider-Man can be a musical, and Ouija boards can be a movie, then can we really be surprised that Angry Birds may turn into a cartoon? Angry Birds is one of the most popular apps ever, already franchised with toys and shirts and board games and anything else you can slap one of those bird faces on. (My kingdom for an Angry Birds-branded competitive erector set! One person builds, one person catapults, and we all learn some valuable lessons about ballistics and physics. A girl can dream.) I don’t know that I’d call an animated series “the next logical step” like CNN did, but okay, sure — if gummy bears managed to turn just-okay candy into a long-running cartoon, I suppose anything is possible.

I do wonder what type of cartoon the app should inspire, though: I vote something in the Adult Swim/Archer/Comedy Central model rather than the kiddie-geared one. What if the birds were, you know, actually super angry, and dealing with, say, the profound disenfranchisement of the poor? And the pigs in their fancy castles represented the out-of-touch aristocracy, hell-bent on further alienating and subjugating the lower class? Just throwing stuff out there, no bad ideas in a brainstorm, etc etc.

Would you watch an Angry Birds show, PopWatchers? Or are you sticking with sketch-length riffs only?