Image Credit: Ali Goldstein/NBCFor the past 42 days (not that I’ve been counting), my only connection to 30 Rock has been the occasional phone call. You see, this is my ringtone. So I couldn’t have been happier that my favorite NBC comedy finally returned, albeit in a different time slot. Now, I’m adequately prepared to enjoy the rest of 30 Rock season 5. I’ve got my toiletries, closed-toe shoes, and government-sanctioned mosquito head net. What more could I need?

During the winter hiatus, Jack and Avery finally tied the knot. Sorta. We can’t be exactly sure how it all went down because, like Jonathan, we didn’t deserve to be invited to the nuptials (sniff). But the short version is that Jack accidentally married Liz. Thanks to Lemon’s confusion during the wedding, (and perhaps the fact she wore white and the officiator mistook her head net as a veil) she became the newest Mrs. Jack Donaghy. Blerg! The two set out for a quickie divorce, but instead used their marriage as leverage for things they each wanted. But a sit-down meeting with their resident HR coordinator, Mr. Weinerslav, put things into perspective for the couple. Jack needs Lemon to point out his eye boogers. And Lemon needs Jack to teach her not to wear tan slacks with a tan turtleneck. No one wants to look like a giant condom. The divorce is back on, and the world will not spontaneously combust.

Meanwhile, Jenna had to share a dressing room with Danny “We Forgot You Worked Here” Baker due to NBC cutbacks. They developed their own faux marriage, complete with their faux child, Kenneth. Spoiler alert! It doesn’t work out. So they sat Kenneth down and told him the truth. “And don’t think for one second it means we love you less. Know that it means that.”

Over in Tracy Jordan land, Tracy thought he was dying based on a diagnosis from Dr. Spaceman. “Who will be around to raise my kids when I can’t be around to pay somebody to raise my kids?” Valid point, Trey. Enter Angie, who has no discernible talent or skills, looking for a job. Jack’s solution? Her own reality TV show. (I know it’s a joke, but I really would watch Queen of Jordan on Bravo. Let’s make that happen.)

So what did you think of last night’s return of 30 Rock? Was it worth the wait? And more importantly, would you join me in watching Queen of Jordan?

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