Image Credit: Adam Taylor/ABCWarning: This week’s episode of Cougar Town included a reference to “stomping on someone’s grapes,” an unfortunately censored “naked dance,” and another appearance by global rectangular sensation Big Carl — who finally made it out of the kitchen and the wine bar. In the wake of Grayson’s belated yet appreciated “I love you” confession a couple weeks ago, Grules were feeling pretty satisfied with their lovebird status. So the primary conflict this week centered around Ellie, Jules and Laurie’s lady-friend issues.

After Andy pointed out that Ellie was no longer friends with any of the bridesmaids from her wedding photos — besides Jules — she set out to prove that her and Jules’ galpal-dom wasn’t doomed to end in a fiery wreck of trash talk and bitchy behavior. Three cheers for Ellie, who turned into a heinous, verbally defensive lineman when she defended Jules after an uncalled-for comment from Wayne, the sommelier at the new wine bar in town. (Welcome back, Michael McDonald! Despite your Scrubs run, we missed your regular network presence since we graduated junior high and stopped watching Mad TV.)

Jules was having boundary issues with Laurie. Laurie was “up in her grill,” borrowing thongs and offering to give Jules cornrows. Awwwww alert: It turned out that Laurie was smothering Jules because she was upset her friend was becoming so entrenched in her relationship with Grayson. Sounds like a World War I movie: Grules in a Trench. Meanwhile, Travis, whose idea of romance includes an intimate viewing of Community and Emilio Estevez classics, tried to concoct a date worthy of his girlfriend. Bobby was anxious that Travis was becoming too attached to Grayson — New Daddy Alert! — so he helped the kid plan a romantic boat-bound date for Kirsten. Of course, Bobby needed Grayson’s help. (Maybe Grayson can be Bobby’s new daddy, too?)

Best Sad-That-I-Totally-Relate-To-This Moment: The closing credits, when Ellie describes her rationale behind dumping her former BFFs. Reasons ranged from “missed my birthday party” (understandable) to “too old for hair that long” (not so much) to “thought it would be funny to squirt me with a hose” (back to understandable).

Best Moment to Pacify the Night At The Roxbury Lover In Me: The gratuitous Emilio Estevez references. I’ll watch St. Elmo’s Fire with you, Travis!

What did you think of last night’s Cougar Town episode, PopWatchers?

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