Singing pop songs for Steven Tyler looks easy compared to this. American Idol producers Fremantle Media and G4 are teaming for a weekly Parkour competition series.

Jump City: Seattle has established Parkour athletes (such as American Ninja Warrior‘s Levi Meeuwenberg and Brian Orosco) leaping, climbing, rolling and scrambling over Seattle’s urban landscape.

“Parkour has become the latest in the ever growing trend of alternative sports, bringing legions of fans to this discipline,” said Neal Tiles, G4’s president. “G4’s history of success with extreme sport shows such as Ninja Warrior and Unbeatable Banzuke, makes Jump City the next evolution of this increasing phenomenon.”

Each episode will feature two teams competing in a speed round (how fast can you go) and a style round (epic showing off). Jump City debuts Feb. 15 at 8 p.m. and is hosted by G4’s Blair Herter and Parkour expert Brady Romberg.

For the uninitiated (what, you didn’t see Casino Royale?), here’s some YouTube footage of Meeuwenberg that he probably wouldn’t want his health care provider to watch:

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