In the 14 years since Phoebe Buffay sang her favorite Elton John, Who’s the Boss song on Friends, how many times do you think Tony Danza has endured some wise-acre ordering him to hold someone tighter? A thousand? A million? I ask because in this short FunnyOrDie clip, he sounds like a patient man who’s resigned to explaining this lyrical misconception for the hundredth time today. We’ll have to see wait and see what (the semi-NSFW) Scott & Zander’s Crazy Night is all about, but since this clip has the potential to be the greatest night-cruisin’ sing-along since Wayne’s World, I have high hopes. Take the ride below:

Phoebe’s rendition of Elton John’s song had been overwhelmed in my mind by the bus-ride scene in Almost Famous, but Danza’s involvement puts his version right back on top!