Image Credit: Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty ImagesAs the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton gets closer, we look forward to press releases announcing how cable networks plan to cash in. Today’s winner comes from TLC, which announces a week-long royal-themed programming event that kicks off Sunday, April 24. Among the offerings, “Royal editions of some of TLC’s most popular series, including a special that focuses on both British and American hoarders and extreme collectors of royal memorabilia” and “a special round table discussion with Royal experts and a celebrity host, leading into the network’s live early morning coverage of the event Friday, April 29.” The network rationalizes its full-court press because this is a wedding, and it airs wedding shows. Though I doubt we’re getting a special edition of Say Yes to the Dress with Middleton.

From one awesome(ly bad) idea to another: Bloomberg reports that Rupert Murdoch’s British Sky Broadcasting Group is negotiating with royal officials to show the nuptials on television, and the talks, which involve the BBC, also are said to include a plan to possibly shoot the ceremony in 3-D — and perhaps transmit it live into movie theaters as well. I actually don’t think it’s a horrible idea to use 3-D technology to show the scale of the wedding — if cameras follow the couple and crowds before and after the walk down the aisle. (Two people swapping vows — not all that exciting once she stops moving and you no longer feel like you could step on the train of her gown.) But it just seems unnecessary. I can’t imagine most people having the money or desire to get a 3-D TV for the occasion. (If this is your “occasion,” odds are you’re not the 3-D type.) And showing it in theaters where people can share in the collective “Ahs” and “Oh hell no”s may not appeal to the diehards (however fun it might be for people like us who want to provide their own commentary track). Discuss.

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