We are that much closer to the goriest of Geico pitchmen battles. But before we can count on seeing the insurance-shilling Gecko face off against those scene-stealing Cavemen, the Geico mascots must wash away the Scrubbing Bubbles and the Gerber Baby, respectively. Also competing in this round’s match-ups: Charlie the Tuna, the Energizer Bunny, the Mac Guy, and Flo, the Progressive Lady. Click here to see the entire bracket, and click the jump to vote for your favorite pitchmen in this round. C’mon, it’s so easy, a caveman can do it!


Product: Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner

Debut year: It’s complicated (Scrubbing Bubbles was once owned by Dow before being sold to S.C. Johnston & Son.)

Catchphrase: “We work hard so you don’t have to.”

Claim to fame: Working in packs, the Scrubbing Bubbles have waged war on soap scum and tub stains in consumer’s bathrooms.

Strength: God-like powers (If cleanliness is next to… ).

Weakness: Years of wage-free labor could incite unionization.


Product: GEICO

Debut year: 1999

Catchphrase: Can an accent be a catchphrase?

Claim to fame: The tiny green bloke is a vehicular insurance savant obsessed with saving customer’s money.

Strength: Don’t be misled by his cuteness — the Gecko is no one’s clown. He’ll steamroll you with facts, and you’ll thank him for it.

Weakness: No one likes a know-it-all. Also, lacks eyelids.


Product: StarKist Tuna

Debut year: 1961

Catchphrase: N/A, but was always told, “Sorry, Charlie.”

Claim to fame: Though the beatnik tuna tried to prove he was hip enough for StarKist fishermen, he was continually rejected since StarKist doesn’t “want tunas with good taste, they want tunas that taste good.”

Strength: He’s always aiming to please.

Weakness: A disturbing desire to be killed and eaten. Plus, berets are so mid-’90s.


Product: Energizer batteries

Debut year: 1988

Catchphrase: They keep going and going…

Claim to fame: How many times did viewers get tricked into thinking they were watching some commercial, just to have the Energizer Bunny shuffle his way on screen, pounding his wee bunny drum, to the dulcet tones of “stiiiill going!”? Many, many times.

Strength: Endurance, of course.

Weakness: Flip-flops.


Product: Apple computers

Debut year: 2006

Catchphrase: “I’m a Mac”

Claim to fame: Along with John Hodgman, introducing the world to computerized personhood. Also, it’s Justin Long.

Strength: Drew Barrymore’s endorsement.

Weakness: People are way, way too used to using Windows.

FLO, THE PROGRESSIVE GIRL (Stephanie Courtney)

Product: Progressive Insurance

Debut year: 2008

Catchphrase: N/A

Claim to fame: Flo doles out chipper insurance advice to clueless consumers in the world’s cleanest-ever insurance store.

Strength: Never-ending enthusiasm. Also: Bumpit.

Weakness: Did we mention the enthusiasm never ends? Also: Bumpit.


Product: GEICO insurance

Debut year: 2004

Catchphrase: Well, they don’t say it, but…” so easy, a caveman could do it.”

Claim to fame: Politically correct prehistorics who have no tolerance for prejudice

Strength: An unwavering dedication to justice and cheap auto insurance

Weakness: Unable to carry their own sitcom.


Product: The Gerber line of baby foods

Debut year: 1928

Catchphrase: That adorable punum is the sales pitch.

Claim to fame: Modeled after the five-month-old neighbor of artist Dorothy Hope Smith, she’s appeared on pretty much every Gerber product for over 80 years. (The baby grew up to be a high school English teacher and mystery novelist — which kinda makes sense, considering her identity remained a mystery for half a century.)

Strength: Unlike several other long-lasting mascots in this competition, she’s never needed to have any work done.

Weakness: All these years, and the rug rat still can’t say a single word.