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Image Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images So Ashley Parker Angel has decided to let the impending O-Town reunion I gushed about last week continue without him. I hope that’s not so he can grow his hair out again and make more surprisingly alt-rock singles like “Let U Go.” I jest. I liked “Let U Go,” except for the erroneous text spelling of “you” — an act that always makes my blood boil. I stand by my statement about the hair, though.

Anyway, the “news” leads me to question the point of a reunion without Ashely. (Skeptics will say there was no point of an O-Town reunion was in the first place. To them, I say, Pffft, bitches.) Who else is left? Introspective “thinker” Jacob? Erik who hyphenated his first name? Dan? Other guy who doesn’t own any shirts with sleeves? No thanks.

Short point here: Now that APA has bowed out, this former teenybopper is boppin’ out of this reunion bandwagon.

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