Image Credit: David Gabber/PR PhotosNatalie Portman has starred in sci-fi epics (Star Wars: Episode 1 — The Phantom Menace), indie films (Garden State), and even the odd kid pic (Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium). But there's one type of movie she's avoided until now: The romantic comedy. "I've always wanted to do one," says the newly pregnant star, who's finally jumping into the genre with this week's No Strings Attached, co-starring Ashton Kutcher. "But the girls are always in fashion, and it's always about their clothes. They always want to get married at the end. There's some kind of makeover scene. That stuff offends me."

Makeovers and fashion montages are nowhere to be found in No Strings Attached, the story of a doctor (Portman) and a TV writer (Kutcher) who decide to have a sex-only relationship. Portman says the script appealed to her because of its female take on the old guy-meets-girl scenario. "[Screenwriter] Liz Meriwether writes women so specifically and smartly," says the actress. "My character is a woman who's working, who's trying to create her own construct for relationships, who's funny herself — and isn't just the girlfriend of a funny guy."

More girl-centric humor might be in Portman's future, too. The star, who just won Best Actress in a Drama for Black Swan at the Golden Globes, is developing female friendly comedies through her production company, Handsomecharlie Films. Currently in the works: Best Buds, a stoner roadtrip comedy, and BYO, which has been described as a female Superbad. "Natalie wants to build something that's different from your usual production company," says Portman's producing partner, Annette Savitch. "We want to do movies that are female driven, from a fresher perspective. So if it's a comedy, it's not just about women out to find husbands. I think that's really lacking today."

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