Image Credit: Patrick Ecclesine/The CWLast night’s Life Unexpected finale was a perfect example of everything the show does well: It gave us spot-on teenage emotions, showed off a healthy appreciation for day drinking, and gave us a fully satisfying, totally earned conclusion. Oh, and it made me cry. Like, I’m still misty just thinking about it.

Lux’s graduation speech, even though it mangled the definition of light year (it’s a unit of distance, people! distance!), left me blubbering in a puddle of tears. It also reminded me a lot of Rory Gilmore’s graduation speech — perhaps a shout-out to early comparisons between the shows? Probably not, but still.

Through the open weeping, though, I was grinning like a fool: That ending?! Oh, hell yes. Math and Alice? Awesome. Ryan and Jo? …Sure, okay. Cate and Baze? Thank God.

I’m crushed that this is the end of the road for Life Unexpected. The show hasn’t officially been canned yet, but it would take an act of dozens of different gods to save it at this point. And I’m kind of okay with that. Yeah, I loved the time we got to spend in fake Portland, but with a finale that gave us that much closure, it would almost seem weird to bring it back for another season. (See: the last few episodes of Felicity. And the final season of Scrubs.)

What did you think, PopWatchers? How many hankies did you go through?

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