Image Credit: GoDaddy.comYes, we all know that watching Jillian on The Biggest Loser is a bit like watching a porno: There’s a lot of screaming, a healthy dose of domination, and an accompanying shameful desire to keep watching, even if you’re a little scared about what you’re going to see. Even still, I never expected the super-empowered super-trainer to back, a company most well-known for its super-smutty ads starring super-sexy race car driver Danica Patrick. But according to CNN, Michaels will indeed star in two spots set to air Feb. 6 during the Super Bowl. “It doesn’t get much bigger than being in a Super Bowl commercial,” she’s quoted as saying. “I think shooting a spot with Danica Patrick is going to be a blast.”

Since “a blast” for Michaels usually consists of tapping into one’s insecurities while informing them of their impending death while making them run at 7.5 miles per hour on a treadmill, I imagine the grin plastered on Patrick’s face in this photo is just masking the terror she’s feeling after Michaels threatened her with an hour of squats for making her wear that eyeliner. There’s no indication of whether or not the ads will involve typical suggestive GoDaddy commercial content — girl-on-girl make-outs, bawdy disrobing, and other things that make me die inside — but here’s hoping Michaels’ image as a kick-ass babe is strong enough to overpower GoDaddy’s issues. Because I’m afraid of what I might feel if the trainer gets sexy. Did I just say that? What? Let’s talk about Subway instead.

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