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Now that Josh Lucas is in talks to star in J. Edgar, the Clint Eastwood-directed Hoover biopic, the film is shaping up to be the most handsome movie of all time. In the film, Lucas would play aviator Charles Lindbergh alongside Leonardo DiCaprio as the titular character, Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick as the clean-cut Agent Smith, and The Social Network‘s Winklevoss wonder Armie Hammer as Hoover’s supposed secret lover Clyde Tolson. Mr. Eastwood, this is how you get movie attendance up!

If you break it down, I’d like to think each offers varying degrees of attractiveness: Lucas offers the rugged, boy-next-door look; DiCaprio, the mega movie star aura; Westwick, the smoldering, brooding stare; and Hammer, the squeaky-clean good looks that we got a double dose of in The Social Network.

But where does the ensemble fall in the grand spectrum of movie male eye candy? The ’80s certainly had its fair share of handsome devils in Top Gun, Dead Poet’s Society, and The Outsiders. (Hello, young Tom Cruise!) And more recently, we’ve been treated to the attractive casts of Valentine’s Day, The Social Network — it has a certain geek adorableness to it, okay? — and The Town (because we all know any movie with Jon Hamm is automatically sexy).

What do you guys make of the J. Edgar cast? How do you think oit compares to other male casts that are easy on the eyes? And is it possible to top the gorgeousness of the Ocean’s films?

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