Closing Arguments

Image Credit: CBSIf you watched last night’s episode of CBS’ The Good Wife, you know that Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and Will (Josh Charles) are waiting for “things to calm down” before she asks him that all-important question (about the second voicemail he left her in the season 1 finale, which she never heard). You also know that Will has just realized that Derrick (Michael Ealy) played him, plotting to not only vote out Diane (Christine Baranski), but also Will eventually — so that’s probably going to be a while. Here’s what’s interesting: As much as I love those loaded looks between Will and Alicia, I’m suddenly preferring the ones between him and Diane. I did some actual fist-pumping when Will had his second lunch date with Diane, told her they were both lying during their first one, revealed Derrick’s plan, and suggested they make Derrick think he’s still going along with it while he and Diane move against him.

Diane: “Okay.”

Will: “Okay.”

Diane [smiling]: “Let’s not bicker anymore.”

I’m one of the few people who’ve found the ongoing pissing match between Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) and Blake (Scott Porter) a bit annoying and childish. (Even though it escalated from her taking a bat to his rental to him placing her prints at crime scene.) But it turns out it was all worth it because Kalinda finally gave Will the info that he needed to see through Derrick (he was having Blake do background checks on the staff), and Will finally saw how undervalued Kalinda and her loyalty were. (She got the $50,000 raise she asked for, and I got to fist-pump again when Will told Derrick that Blake was not Kalinda’s superior.) I can take Kalinda and Blake’s games, and even encourage them, now that I know she’s playing for a higher purpose — saving Lockhart & Gardner. (Was he just trying to distract her so she wouldn’t get suspicious? So she’d turn on Will and Diane like Derrick made them turn on each other?)

So to recap: As much I love sexual tension, the war against Derrick is my new favorite storyline on the show. It’s shaping up to be better than any battle waged by Eli Gold (Alan Cumming) or the State’s Attorney’s office (we miss you, Cary, but not if you’re gonna ask for twice Alicia’s salary to return). It’s time for Baranski to get a juicy arc, and for us to see more of Diane and Will’s wonderfully malleable professional chemistry. (As Charles once told us: “Diane and I are fighting, and someone on set said, ‘You’re a little mean in this scene.’ I’m like, ‘That’s okay. We’re fighting. I can be mean in this scene. We’ve already seen them laugh and have a drink at the end of the night. That’s what people do. We know there’s the back-and-forth. We don’t have to sugarcoat anything.'”) Is it the best story line on the show now? Or just for this week?

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Closing Arguments
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