Image Credit: Diane Collins and Jordan Hollender/Getty ImagesI can haz defibrillator? Because I just had a heart attack reading Animal Planet’s press release for Must Love Cats, an upcoming six-part series debuting Feb. 12 that “travels coast-to-coast to find America’s feistiest felines and cat fanatics.” According to the press release, “Songwriting and cat-loving host John Fulton embarks on a road trip across America to spend time with, and write songs about, the country’s most talented tabbies, quirkiest kittens, enthusiastic cat owners, and experts.” Okay, two things: 1) Homigod, you best believe I’m channeling my inner cat lady and hoarding this series on my DVR. Also, 2) Yes, you read that right: Fulton writes songs… about cats. (Everything reminds us of Friends!) In fact, those songs are called “kitty-ditties.” I fully expect to see this man on an upcoming episode of Intervention. Or in my living room, where we will craft a tiny guitar for my tiny cat. I can’t decide which.

But wait! There’s more! Apparently, among other subjects, the series will highlight a town in Texas known for its fat cats, a cat fashion show in New York City, and a “klepto kitty” in California famous for stealing his neighbors’ belongings. Also: Fulton will sample coffee made from beans… that are scooped from cat feces. Now, I love cats — almost as much as I love poop humor — but I’m curious to see whether cats can make the transition from Internet to TV stars. Yes, a 30-second YouTube video of a cat playing a keyboard, jumping into a box, or even facing off with a baby is entertaining — but would you dip your paws into a six-episode series about felines?

Reveal yourself, crazy cat ladies (and gentlemen): Who plans on giving Must Love Cats a chance? At least it will be better than Must Love Dogs, right?