January 18, 2011 at 08:49 PM EST

Image Credit: Danny Feld/NBCSpeaking as a heterosexual male, there are many reasons to loathe Rob Lowe. So why must the West Wing star keep giving me reasons to love him? Just the other day I discovered Lowe had tweeted enthusiastically about EW cult movie fave The Room and now arrives a promo video for Parks and Recreation in which the man hilariously tears his fellow cast members a collective new one with equal energy.

Yes, this is the umpteenth time Lowe has toyed with his image — see Wayne’s World and indeed the current season of Californicationbut it may well be his funniest as the star reacts to the news that Parks and Rec has been off the air by throwing hot coffee in Aziz Ansari’s face, mistaking Aubry Plaza for a production assistant, and asking Amy Poehler what she has ever done, “other than not be on television for five f—ing months.”

Check out the video — which, if it wasn’t already obvious, features some NSFW language — and tell us if you find it equally amusing. Are you looking forward to the return of Parks and Recreation this Thursday?

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