Credit: Frank Masi

Image Credit: Frank MasiSummit Entertainment confirms that RED writers Jon and Erich Hoeber are writing a sequel to the action-comedy. “At this point the film has not yet been greenlighted,” a rep tells EW. “Beyond that there is no other information about cast available.” The film, which starred grossed $90 million domestically, and another $75 million in foreign receipts, earned a C+ from EW’s Keith Staskiewicz, who referred to the tale of ex-spies getting back into action as “essentially a 111-minute excuse to give Helen Mirren a machine gun.” The majority of moviegoers grading the film on our site scored it in the B-range, thinking that was good enough.

I saw RED with my 63-year-old mother (at 35, I was the youngest in theater by 15 years), and we both enjoyed it. Was it unforgettable cinema? No. But it was fun to see Mirren pack heat and act opposite Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman, and Brian Cox. (Spoiler: One of those actors doesn’t have to worry about whether to reunite for the sequel unless it’s a prequel.) There may have been holes in the plot, but that combination of actors, in that kind of story, was still refreshing. They’d have to make the script tighter this time, but I’d be willing to pay for a matinee (and then watch it on cable). What about you?

If you saw RED, what’s your pitch for the sequel? I can’t decide whether Willis’ love interest (Mary-Louise Parker) should have left him entirely or have been kidnapped and in need of rescue. I’m thinking the former. You get broken-hearted Bruce, angry and gun-shy about falling for someone again.