Season after season of the Real Housewives franchise has taught us to tolerate the insipid spa scenes and insufferable cackling for one reason: The plumped-up reunion episodes. And based on the latest promo for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills two-part reunion (airing on Jan. 27 and Feb. 1), this one will make waves at the water-cooler. Though the beginning of the promo is indistinguishable from a Mad Men teaser — with various cast members saying ambiguous things like, “Keep it straight,” “You started the fight,” and “You compared yourself to Jesus” (It’s the new “Shut the door!“) — the rest of the trailer is plenty juicy: Bullying accusations, alcoholism suspicions, and talk of just how much boob you can show before you are no longer considered a nun. Also: The much-reviled Camille Grammer uses the oldest excuse in the book for her behavior: “This whole season was set up to make me look bad.” Yawn.

Know this, Allison Dubois: You will enjoy the promo embedded after the jump!

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