Image Credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos; Albert L. Ortega/PR PhotosLast Friday, Kanye West made a joke on Twitter. It went like this: "Yo Britney, I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you be #1, but me and Jay-Z single is one of the best songs of all time! LOL." Get it? Britney Spears' new single "Hold It Against Me" had just beaten his and Jay-Z's "H.A.M." for the No. 1 spot on iTunes' download chart, so West referred back to the words he infamously uttered to Taylor Swift at the VMAs in September 2009.

This context, plus the "LOL" at the end of the since deleted tweet, made it pretty obvious that he was just kidding around. But some people somehow convinced themselves that he meant to launch actual verbal hostilities against Spears. Egads! West had no choice but to return to Twitter yesterday evening to clarify his intentions.

"Just saw that MSNBC said I tried to start a twitter war with Brittany," West wrote in the first of a long series of tweets. "This s— takes the air out my lungs sometimes from blogs to news reports… enough already!!! All I do is focus on my work. There's a new lie everyday… a new media spin… I never got a watch with my face on it!!! A company tried to give that to me 9 yrs ago! I'm one of the most considerate people in real life. Maybe over considerate. Over caring. Overly real. There is no astronaut training for celebrity… even though this whole life is so outer space! I was actually surprised that a record as raw as H*A*M could make it to #2 on Itunes. How can u 'let' someone be number one??!! That was the whole joke!!! I know intelligent people know this so bear with me. When I said the comment about Brittney I was giving her props for being #1 not dissing her at all! But stop making it seem that my aim is to hurt or down people! That's just not my style! As pop stars we're all in this s— together! We on the inside of the TV! If the media wants to make a story … just say I have atrocious spelling and terrible grammar… If you don't give em a story they just make one up. I'm just trying to focus & stay creative! Keep bringing dope s— to the world!"

So, just for the record: Kanye West did not mean to diss Britney Spears last week with his self-deprecating joke. Kanye West did not actually commission a $180,000 watch bearing his own likeness. Kanye West is a good dude who means no one any harm, least of all Britney Spears. However, per his own admission, it is possible that West is unsure of how to spell Britney Spears' first name. Also, he might or might not live inside of a television set.

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