Among her talents, Dr. Laura Schlessinger has the unique gift of inartfulness. It’s a word she herself used during this morning’s Today interview with Matt Lauer to describe the infamous use of the racially charged n-word on her radio show that led to her move to Sirius XM. Schlessinger discusses the incident in her new book, Surviving a Shark Attack (on Land), explaining that left-wing hysterics hijacked the narrative of that incident, and she told Lauer that her actual “point was well made, but it was inartfully made.”

I was inclined to actually agree with her to a certain extent. (After all, she did not direct the epithet at anyone.) But then she capped her exchange by saying, “I had to go on Sirius XM, or something like that, in order to have freedom of speech without being assassinated.” To be clear, she was referring to character assassination, not actual life-threatening assassination. But a week after the Tucson tragedy, I’m not sure such figurative use of the word is particularly sensitive or appropriate. Like I said, inartful.

Did you catch Dr. Laura’s interview? Check out the entire clip below. Have you ever seen a guest overpower the going-to-commercial music like she did? And is she intentionally inartful or inadvertently inartful?

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