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Image Credit: Philipe Bosse/SyfyI have never wanted an answer to a question in a PopWatch headline more than I do now — the former inquiry being the most pressing. The reason for my eagerness is because I’m not one of those cool people who has seen the British version of Being Human and can offer you up this bit-by-nitpicky-bit comparison of the two — and I say that admirably of those who can. (People who have time for British TV and American TV are my heroes, in fact.) So, I’m sorry. All I have for you is a take on the boring ol’ American version. Except, the thing is, I didn’t think it was boring at all.

Sam Witwer, who you’ll recognize from stints on Smallville or Battlestar Galactica, plays Aidan, a vampire who is trying (but failing) to go on a human-free diet. Sam Huntington (whom Darren Franich and I got all giddy about after we read he was the kid from Jungle 2 Jungle all grown up) is an OCD werewolf named Josh who fled his former life and now finds himself the sexless roommate of his living-dead co-worker. As part of their new living arrangement, Josh and Aidan agree to help one another establish a sense of normal. Enter Canadian new-to-us actress Meaghan Rath, who steps into the role of the house’s resident ghostly inhabitant Sally, a clingy specter with a peeping Tammy streak. Doesn’t take a clairvoyant to predict “normal” ain’t in the cards for these Beings.

Keeping in mind that I’ve already fully disclosed my newbie status to the franchise, I can also tell you the show is not as sexified as True Blood, has well-placed, pop culture-based humor (“You’re trying to scare us with Bon Jovi?”), and thus far is not as mythology heavy as The Vampire Diaries. But what it does have that the other two don’t is Mark Pellegrino (Lost, Supernatural), who played Bishop, the vampire who turned Aidan. As with many of his other roles, Pellegrino was a bad guy. A we’ll-be-back-to-see-your-evilness sort of bad guy.

So that’s my verdict, PopWatchers; I’ll be back. But this brings me to my second most important question: Will you?

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