Image Credit: Cody SmythThe Strokes‘ new album might finally have a release date. Pitchfork and TwentyFourBit report that the NYC rockers, who began an extended hiatus after 2006’s First Impressions of Earth, will release their fourth LP March 22 via RCA. A rep for the label says there is still no official release date.

Not much else is known about the disc, which remains untitled for now. In a widely quoted interview with the BBC, bassist Nikolai Fraiture recently said, “Sonically, I feel it’s the album which should have been made between [2003’s] Room on Fire and First Impressions of Earth.”

Instead, it’s the album they’re dropping in 2011. Did the Strokes wait too long to come back? As a fan of the band, I hate even asking that question. I will forever adore their 2001 debut, which remains canonically awesome to this day. Their follow-ups featured some great tunes, too. But it’s been a long time since the Strokes felt as relevant as they did back then.

Or maybe I’m just being unnecessarily curmudgeonly. I’ll certainly give the Strokes’ new LP the benefit of a listen in March, for old times’ sake if nothing else. How about you? Are you still looking forward to hearing new music from the Strokes after all these years? Sound off in the comments.

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