By Tim Stack
Updated January 17, 2011 at 08:43 PM EST

It’s a big week for Jennifer Lopez: Not only is American Idol premiering on Wednesday but Jenny from the Block is also debuting a new song. Unfortunately, the track, “On the Floor,” is hardly a masterpiece (I will admit it’s better her previous comeback attempts, “Loubotins” and “Fresh Out the Oven”). With a lengthy intro by rapper Pitbull, Lopez attempts to prove she can still create a hot dance track but this ain’t “Waiting for Tonight.” It’s more like “Waiting for This to Get Good.” I just don’t buy a 40-year-old mom clubbing in Ibiza. Also, Lopez includes dated references of how “ill” the club is as well as the wedding DJ classic, “Raise the roof!” She might as well have added in a “Gettin’ jiggy with it!” for good measure. And yet here’s the sad truth: If I hear this song in a gay bar, I’ll probably love it and sing along.

Listen to the J. Lo track below…

What do you think Music Mix-ers? Does it make you wanna get “On the Floor?” Or do you just feel like taking a nap?