Image Credit: LogoTonight at 10 p.m., Logo will air a comedy special called One Night Stand Up: Dragtastic, marking the extremely rare occasion in the history of the fledgling gay cable network where it features a bunch of really funny drag queens. Oh, wait. Who the hell are we kidding? Really funny drag queens—hello RuPaul’s Drag Race, which launches its third season a week from today!—are the bread and butter of Logo! And thus, why we here at EW are always glued to the network. One of the best parts about tonight’s stand-up special Dragtastic—even though we haven’t seen the TV cut yet—is the host: none other than EW fave and RuPaul’s Drag Race and RuPaul’s Drag U alum Pandora Boxx is the emcee. Remember Pandora’s killer Carol Channing impression from last season of Drag Race? To celebrate her shining moment back in the Logo spotlight, EW spent a few minutes catching up with Pandora when she was in NYC shooting the special last August. Enjoy:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What exactly is One Night Stand Up: Dragtastic?

PANDORA BOXX: Dragtastic is a stand-up comedy special for drag queens, and they did one last year that was shot in LA and [RuPaul’s Drag Race season 1 contestant] Ongina hosted it, and the queens were Varla Jean Merman, Miss Coco Peru, and Jackie Beat, and they’re doing another one this year and it’s going to be hosted by me and it has four drag queens in it: Bianca Del Rio, Harmonica Sunbeam, Mimi Imfurst, Hedda Lettuce, and Kelly Mantle. [See photo.] Each queen is going to have their time out on the stage—it’s like a stand up comedy special, only with men dressed like ladies.

What does it really mean to be host?

The host means that I’m the most important person there. I’m going to come out and do a little bit in the beginning, I have a segment. And then I’m going to come out and do little things. I’m not doing a whole full on stand up comedy routine, but bits and pieces, you’ll see some different costumes because if you’re a host you’ve got to change your costume each time you come out.

How many costume changes do you have?

I have five.

Fab! Are any of them quick changes? Or do you have a little time?

I definitely have some time because it’s going to be between each person.

How did you get the gig? Seems like a good one.

Well thank you very much, I appreciate it. Flattery will get you everywhere. I just got called up by the studio that’s doing it, the production company All Out Films, and they just asked if I wanted to. I guess they wanted to continue having someone from Drag Race be a part of it and host, and I was the one that they chose.

Are you nervous at all?

I’m really nervous actually, I really am. It’s not too hard to be funny, usually. But when there’s the pressure of having to be funny, I’m like “Oh, no.” They gave me 10 minutes in the beginning to have a thing. I’ve hosted shows before, and I’ve hosted drag shows, but this is a little different. I feel that it’s a really important thing because it’s a chance for people to see me outside of Drag Race and Drag U and in my own environment, so I feel that there’s a lot of pressure, or maybe it’s a lot of pressure that I’m putting on myself, because everyone else seems to think that I’m going to be fine and be funny, but it is, it’s that pressure that you’re supposed to be funny.

Preview your comedic bits for us. Are they raunchy? Saucy? Sad?

I’m definitely raunchier than what was portrayed on either show. I don’t think people are that shocked if a drag queen is a little raunchy, but I’m still like, “Oh, some of my stuff does have language, just so you know.” I didn’t really use that bad of language on the show, or at least they didn’t use those parts. It’s not like horribly, it’s not like George Carlin raunchy. I was just thinking back and forth about whether I make up bits, or do I talk about Drag Race? I do talk about Drag Race a little bit because that’s what people know and it started off that way.

We are big fans of you over here, Pandora, just so you know.

Entertainment Weekly is part of my act.

Shut up! What do you mean we’re part of your act? Flattery will get you everywhere. Someone told me that once.

Yeah! And I think I’m going to do it too at Dragtastic. You guys called my elimination the most controversial elimination of the season and put me on the Bullseye. I worked those things into my intro. Like, “I didn’t win, but you know what, Entertainment Weekly said I was their “Next Drag Superstar.” That’s good enough for me.

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