By Clark Collis
Updated January 17, 2011 at 07:32 PM EST

I’m not someone who needs much persuading to see a film called Hobo With a Shotgun. In fact, you’d need a shotgun—and maybe a hobo—to stop me from checking out the forthcoming Rutger Hauer-starring actioner. But obviously the folks behind the movie are hoping take more at the box office than just my $11 (or $16, if they decide at the last minute to release it in 3-D. WHICH THEY DEFINITELY SHOULD!!!). To that end, they’ve just unleashed a new, ’70s-style poster which you can check out to the left and, in larger form, after the jump. I think it’s a winner, even if it is a reminder of just how many years have gone by since Hauer appeared in Blade Runner (that wrinkle-free android face, lost in time. Like tears in rain!).

Check out the poster—and the movie’s extremely violent trailer—and tell us what you think.

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