First of all, thanks once again to Ricky Gervais for bringing the sort of funny rudeness and effrontery — or as Robert Downey, Jr., phrased it, “mean-spirited [with] a sinister undertone” — that make an awards show such as the Golden Globes engaging to watch. And to Matt Damon and Robert De Niro for providing an unbeatable one-two punch as amusing presenter and award-winner. Oh, and jolly good wishes to Alexa Chung for actually making NBC’s red-carpet pre-show entertaining for a change.

It’s time to retire the hype-cliche that the Globes are the rowdiest, most “fun” awards because liquor is served and these ain’t the Oscars. Since in recent years the window of time between the Globes and the Oscar nominations has shrunk, most of the people who took the stage were on either their best behavior or on their game in delivering the scripted remarks (mostly) impeccably — partly, one assumes, so that the Academy notices.

As for my Golden Globes picks in the TV categories, you’ll recall I picked choices for who “will” and “should” win. Having chosen 60% of the “will” winners, I’ll up my percentage to 70% by factoring in the “should” win pick for Carlos. So congrats to Boardwalk Empire, Laura Linney, Al Pacino, Claire Danes, Jim Parsons, and Chris Colfer, all of whom I predicted. The three winners I failed to pick as either wills or shoulds — Katey Sagal, Jane Lynch and Glee — I don’t begrudge them a bit, especially given the fine acceptance speeches made by Lynch and Sagal.

There was no pattern or trend to be discerned among the TV victors. Sure, there was the Glee mini-sweep, but that doesn’t mean that only big ratings hits were rewarded, as evidenced by the awards for Carlos and The Big C‘s Linney.

And to Jon Hamm, who (no disrespect to Mr. Buscemi) deserved a Globe for this season’s Mad Men, I quote NBC’s relentless ad for The Cape: Suit up. Fight back.

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