Zsa Zsa Gabor’s right leg has been amputated above the knee, after the actress went in for surgery on Friday, according to CNN. The 93-year-old actress’ surgeon at UCLA Medical Center said that a large, deep lesion, which was resistant to antibiotics, was the cause. “She seemed to tolerate it well, although she’s in a somewhat frail condition,” Dr. David Rigberg said. “We’re guarded in our opinion on how she’s going to do overall. She didn’t come in from home in very good health, so it’s difficult for me to predict how long she’s going to be here.” Gabor’s problems with her right leg stem from a November 2010 hospitalization, when the actress went in for swelling. Gabor, who is recovering now, has been primarily confined to a wheelchair since a 2002 car accident in Los Angeles.

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