FX hopes ratings for boxing series Lights Out improves and the network’s president has interesting reasons why not many viewers watched the show.

At TCA press tour, John Landgraf cited huge ratings for cable network rivals such as Comedy Central’s Tosh.0, BET’s The Game and MTV’s Teen Mom 2.

“Maybe we should have made a series about a zombie or a sexy vampire who was trying to regain the heavyweight title,” he said.

My thoughts on this and a tiny bit of Hobbit news after the jump…

Landgraf’s honesty and introspection is always refreshing. He’s managed to deliver successful comedies to the network with Always Sunny and Archer. Plus, with Sons of Anarchy and Justified, he’s launched a couple dramas that — Sons in particular — have really delivered.

But I don’t buy for a second that heavy competition is why relatively few viewers watched Lights Out.

It’s tough to think of three shows with less in common with Lights Out than Teen Mom, Tosh.0 and The Game. And the fact all three delivered huge numbers suggests the opposite of what he’s saying — that more than two cable shows can draw big audiences at the same time. Who is to say that three is the maximum number of simultaneous cable hits and if, say, one of those did not air, those Teen Mom would have watched a grim boxing show instead.

The reason nobody tuned into Lights Out is because, as much as critics love the show (and many at press tour indeed love it), the series didn’t look very fun. Like it or not, people watch TV for fun. And that’s true for serious acclaimed dramas and trashy reality. The Sopranos was a blast. FX’s The Shield was a thrill ride. And, yes, the zombies in The Walking Dead are fun too.

On other topics, Landgraf said he’s looking to renew comedy The League if a deal can be made with the producers (can’t imagine that would be too tough). He’s excited about adapting comic book Powers, but also noted its tough to adapt into a TV show. And said Louie is going to be paired with upcoming Elijah Wood comedy Wilfred for a Thursday night comedy block this summer.

Oh, and here’s that Hobbit bit: Wood said his role as Frodo in the two-part film will be “very, very small.” Hm.