Image Credit: Splash News"It wasn't Showtime." That's what Showtime Networks president of entertainment David Nevins told the nation's TV critics today after watching — and ultimately nixing — the controversial miniseries The Kennedys, the eight-part miniseries-cum-hot potato that was dropped by The History Channel last week.

"I looked seriously at it, and thought it was well acted, well made and very watchable," Nevins told critics in Pasadena. "What it really came down to was that it didn't feel Showtime. It didn't feel like premium cable. I have great respect and love for [Kennedys creator] Joel Surnow. He's got a great cast. It didn't fundamentally feel us. My vow coming in was to focus on renewable resources, and series are renewable resources."

Nevins added that concerns about the miniseries being a so-called hit-job on the Kennedy family didn't factor in his decision to pass on the project that stars Katie Holmes and Greg Kinnear. "I was hired to be the steward of this brand and bring the brand to the next phase of its existence. I felt it was not Showtime," he reiterated.

All hope may not be lost for the miniseries. TVline reports that Muse is talking to DirecTV about picking it up.

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