By Keith Staskiewicz
Updated January 14, 2011 at 10:33 PM EST

For all the muscles Hollywood has pulled trying to pat itself on the back for being progressive, studios still tend to be about as technophobic as an Amish Unabomber. That’s why it’s pretty impressive that two more of them have joined Fox Searchlight’s lead and are making their SAG Awards screeners available on iTunes. According to Deadline, Focus Features’ The Kids Are All Right and Paramount’s The Fighter, both multiple nominees, will now be viewable online by members of the guild, who still have two more weeks to vote. These baby steps towards online availability possibly portend the eventual phasing out of notoriously pirate-friendly DVD screeners, although that will probably take at least a few more awards cycles. For now, it will be interesting to see if any more studios jump on the iTunes train in the coming days.

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