Steve Winn, an entrepreneur from New Orleans who once developed a talking Mr. T keychain, is busy hawking an updated model: the Sarah Palin in Your Pocket. Winn credits his sales (35,000 and counting) to “the rhythm, the cadence, the cartoony up and down of her voice. I don’t know how to describe it,” he told The Los Angeles Times. “It’s beautiful. It’s enchanting!”

In isolation, the lines do have a weird poetry. Among the keychain’s repertoire:

  • “Doesn’t it split the cheechakos from the sourdoughs?” In this instance, “it” is the “ice-fogged frigid” Alaska cold that Palin invoked during her farewell speech in Fairbanks. A Cheechako is the Alaskan term for a newcomer, and a Sourdough is an old-timer. In other words, “Aren’t the freshmen lame and the seniors cool?” But it’s better this way — like an innocent question about breads.
  • “In what respect, Charlie?” Have four words so represented a time, a moment, a facial expression and an outcome as much as these?
  • “Alaska!” The keychain includes three versions of Palin saying this word. Alaska! Alaska! Alaska! Say it over again and you realize 1) how easy “Alaska” is to repeat and 2) how fun. Alaska!

So what do you think Popwatchers? Beautiful? Enchanting? Any interest in owning this database of oral history?