On the Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday, Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais revealed his game plan for Sunday’s big show: attack the wounded. “I only go for the weak or the feeble. I’m not going to go for Russell Crowe or Mickey Rourke. Mickey Rooney, maybe! Betty White — I’m not scared of her,” the Brit told DeGeneres. Heads up, Charlie Sheen. (See the video below.)

To be fair, I’m not sure Sheen and Mel Gibson deserve to lumped with O.J. Simpson, but Gervais really doesn’t need our help making fun of people (and if he did, I’m pretty sure I’d demand a cut of whatever money pie he’s eating from these days). But this little bit of advice: Let’s mix it up! Ripping Charlie Sheen is kind of like playing Duck Pond at the carnival, no? You really can’t lose. There are a ton of other celebrities in attendance who I think are well overdue for a verbal smacking (in good fun, of course).

C’mon, PopWatchers. I know you have some pent-up anger at someone. Who deserves to have the Ricky Gervais treatment? (Which actually sounds more terrifying than funny now that I think about it.)