Readers respond to our pre-Oscar coverage, plus more letters from the week of Jan. 14, 2011

Oscar Central
I find it refreshing to see young actors like Natalie Portman and James Franco acting for acting’s sake regardless of the potential for accolades and box office gains. Thankfully for them, such an approach will likely produce both.
Ryan Navarro

Enjoyed your article on James Franco, but no mention of his Freaks and Geeks character, Daniel Desario? I loved that guy.
Jonathan Bovee
Burke, Va.

In ”25 Movies You Need to See Before Oscar Night,” you listed Burlesque. Wasn’t it pretty much squashed in EW when it was released?
Sharon Houle
Waterville, Maine
Senior writer Dave Karger responds: I don’t expect Burlesque to score a Best Picture or Best Actress nomination. But the splashy musical is a good bet for at least one nod in the Best Original Song category.

Must-See Movies
After seeing those photos of Robert Pattinson in Water for Elephants (First Look), I think you should consider doing your ”most anticipated film of 2011” poll over again.
CJ Jamieson
Newtown, Conn.

My most anticipated movie of 2011, Captain America: The First Avenger, didn’t make your poll. Steve Rogers, the sickly Army reject who becomes the sinewy-strong Captain America, is a great superhero.
Randall Boyer
St. Augustine, Fla.