Image Credit: Everett CollectionDear Twitter Gods, thank you for providing to me this nostalgia-inducing boyband news EW’s PopWatchers are about to receive.

Earlier today, Jacob Underwood, formerly-and-apparently-current member of O-Town (the band born on ABC’s Making the Band) Tweeted the best news my inner teenage girl has heard since the announcement of NKOTBSB: “Did someone say O-town reunion?!?”

If your fuzzy brain needs a refresher, here’s your O-Town history course. They came out of Lou Pearlman’s boyband factory (which also produced the Backstreeet Boys and ‘N Sync), had a scandal (by teen-scene standards) that ended with one of the original members being replaced*, and, most memorably, overshared about their “liquid dreams.”

Still don’t remember? Well, you never will then. As for the rest of us, watch the two videos below and celebrate the possible return of this pre-packaged serving of boyband goodness that you secretly still love.

In related news, did you know that most episodes of Making the Band are on YouTube? I learned that 2 hours ago, and here we are…

* As reader Ashley pointed out, the ousted member is pictured above. His name was Ikaika. I didn’t Google that.

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