When Nikita gets back in action on The CW later this month, expect some changes…

As part of plan to improve the show’s ratings performance, Lyndsy Fonseca’s mole Alex is going to get out of the Division and secretly team with Nikita in the field.

“The show shifts quite a bit,” Fonseca said at TCA press tour. “After graduation she’s out on her own for the first time. The show changes for the better.” In addition….

“We’ll learn more about the relationships and emotional side [to the characters] which will make them more relate-able to fans,” said CW entertainment president Dawn Ostroff.

Critics asked star Maggie Q who was her most favorite kick-ass female TV actress and she had a firm answer.

“Lynda Carter,” she said. (You know, the original 1970s’ Wonder Woman). “I used to dress up like her. I was too poor to afford Underoos. I wore a paper [costume] and jumped from roof to roof.”