The hubbub over a new expurgated edition of 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn' inspired us to take a look at some other laundered classics

The Family Shakespeare, 1818
Thomas Bowdler — namesake of the word bowdlerize — scrubbed the Bard’s canon clean.

King James Bible, 1833
Noah Webster decided the Bible needed to be more family-friendly. Example: Buttocks became hind-parts.

Fahrenheit 451, 1967
The anti-censorship tale was censored for high school. 451 must be the temperature at which irony burns.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 1973
Willy Wonka’s unpaid labor force used to smack of racism.

Doctor Doolittle, 1988
He could talk to the animals, but he wasn’t so good with people, so some racial offenses were removed.