When Bryan Greenberg isn’t on set as Ben in HBO’s drama How to Make it in America, he moonlights as a musician. In 2007 he released the alt-rock album Waiting For Now. Before he begins filming for the show’s second season in March, he drops Now‘s follow-up, We Don’t Have Forever, on Jan. 18. “Walk Away,” the set’s first single, is a breakup song. Frustrated with how a relationship is going and tired of working at it, he sends his girl packing.

Today he debuts a Kid Cudi-assisted cut from Forever, “You Can Run,” exclusively on It’s a spiteful jam. “You hear me on the radio/Coming through so clear in stereo/And you know that there’s nowhere you can go… from my love,” he sings to an ex. “You tried to forget about me/But I told you to never doubt me/How’s your life right now without me?”

After the jump, check out the song and find out who Greenberg says inspired it.

Though it sounds like he’s actually singing to an old flame from his days as a struggling actor, Greenberg says he actually wrote the song from the perspective of his character on How to Make it in America — an aspiring denim designer in New York with an ex girlfriend not willing to ride through his ups and downs.

“I was kind of writing from the point of view of Ben and being scorned by Rachel and that just being a reason to succeed in life,” he says. “I did notice that a lot of successful people in this world, they always say that it’s about the art or it’s about the work. But when it comes down to it, [what drives them is that] they were made fun of in high school. Or there was a girl that dumped them and they’re trying to get back at them. I was coming from that mentality.”

Greenberg also says that collaborating with Cudi was more than him just calling in a favor. Cudi’s actually a fan. “He said, ‘Well, let me hear the track. I’m not just going to jump on any track. This is my job’,” Greenberg recalls of first asking his costar on the show for help. “And I totally respected him for that. I’m actually glad that he liked it.”

So here’s your chance to check it out. Give it a listen below and let us know if you, like Cudi, love “You Can Run.”

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