Credit: John Schwartzman

Image Credit: John Schwartzman

Sony has released the first image of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, and judging from the look of it, the studio’s franchise reboot, due in 2012, will be a much grittier portrait of the superhero as a young man than the blockbuster Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire films. Some talking points for the webstorm of geek critique and opining this provocative pic is certain to produce:


1. Peter Parker’s Slender Physique. One wonders if director Marc Webb ((500) Days of Summer) is eschewing the Raimi/Maguire idea that Peter Parker’s radioactive spider bite gave him a pumped-up body (an effect largely produced by padding and a bulky stunt double).

2. The Suit. It looks certifiably Steve Ditkoesque, although the colors are muted and the web-design underplayed. And are those artificial web-shooters bulging from the wrists? I wonder, though, if this really isn’t the new Spider-Man’s official superhero costume. Remember, per the origin story, prior to becoming a principled do-gooder, Peter decides to abuse his new powers to make some money for himself as an outraegously-clad semi-pro wrestler. Perhaps this costume is his grappling threads. Perhaps in the film, Peter will design and build a different outfit for himself when he starts fighting crime.

3. Why Is Peter’s Face Scraped And Bloody? My guess: He just beat the crap out of the thug who shot and killed his Uncle Ben and the bad guy clawed Pete’s mask off duing the altercation. Looks his assailant tugged off some of that spider, too.

Okay: ‘Nuff Said… from me. The floor is yours, true believers.

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