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Image Credit: Frederick Breedon/FilmMagic.comOn her Facebook page yesterday, Kelly Clarkson revealed when her latest album, May, is "supposedly" going to see the light of day. She replied to a fan's question, "Kelly when does the new album drop?" with this response: "Supposedly March but who the heck knows haha! Just know that I am trying to get it to y'all asap!"

The exchange doesn't currently appear on her Facebook page, but screen grabs of the banter are posted around the internet. The fact that there's been little promotion for an album that would supposedly be out in as little as six weeks points to the fact that March is probably a little on the hopeful side, but weirder things have happened in the music industry. What's even weirder? Why an album titled May wouldn't be held until, you know, May in the first place. Right?

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