Image Credit: Chris Ashford/Camera Press/Retna Ltd; DreamWorks AnimationFrances McDormand, the woman whose Fargo accent you can still hear in your head 15 years later, has finally signed on for her first animated feature, Heat Vision reports. She's been cast in Madagascar 3 as "a calculating and goal-oriented animal control officer" whose team wants to capture the escaped zoo animals who are still trying to find their way home to New York, this time by joining a traveling circus. Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer and Jada Pinkett Smith will return, and other actors will join in to voice other new characters that are said to include "an Italian sea lion, a Russian tiger and a Latina jaguar."

More important than whether or not we need another Madagascar sequel — box office receipts say yes, together the first two films have grossed more than $1.1 billion worldwide — this news made me wonder if there are other actors out there who have yet to do a voice in an animated movie who need to, STAT. Nominations?

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