Image Credit: Everett CollectionDid you catch the Arrested Development shout-out on Parenthood last night? Amber and Haddie lied about going to a movie as a cover for Haddie’s clandestine date, so they practiced what they’d say when their respective parents asked them about it: “Michael Cera was obviously hilarious and adorable,” they told each other. Amber even repeated it to her mom, saying “Michael Cera was adorable as always.” Amber, recall, is played by Mae Whitman — who played Ann Veal, girlfriend to Michael Cera’s George Michael. Hee! To the show’s credit, the moment wasn’t played with any wink-winking at all. Also to the show’s credit: Mae Whitman! Holy crap, she is great.

I would like for at least some of the following shout-outs to occur on Parenthood, please:

++ Someone calls Zeke “coach”

++ Sarah talks about her favorite diner, Luke’s

++ Crosby watches a Veronica Mars marathon

++ Everyone tells Adam that he reminds them of Dexter

Everyone on Parenthood has been in other stuff, PopWatchers, so let’s hear it: Design a silly shout-out for the members of the Braverman clan.

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