Image Credit: Everett CollectionWe’ve all had our bad days. We’ve all binged on something — food, shopping, Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathons — to pull us out of our funk. But what do you do if you’re the Most Powerful Woman In Media and your passion project feature film not only takes a major belly flop at the box office, but it gets beaten by the third Chucky sequel?

Apparently, you order up 30 lbs. of mac and cheese. In a teaser clip from Piers Morgan’s CNN interview with Oprah Winfrey, the daytime talk queen and budding cable network mogul admitted that the poor showing of 1998’s Beloved — which Winfrey produced and took the leading role — “sent me into a massive, depressive, macaroni-and-cheese-eating tail spin.” Winfrey recalled getting the bad news about Beloved‘s opening weekend that Saturday morning. “I remember…hearing that we got beat by something called ‘Chucky,’ and I didn’t even know what Chucky was.” Yeeouch. (For the record: Beloved opened at No. 5 to $8.1 million, Bride of Chucky opened at No. 2 to $11.8 million, and Practical Magic opened at No. 1 with $13.1 million. Beloved‘s total domestic gross: $22.9 million.)

So what did Oprah do to cope? “I asked my chef at the time, ‘Make some macaroni and cheese!'” How much? asked Morgan. “Oh, I ate about 30 lbs. worth,” Oprah replied, laughing. “I’m not kidding….I recognized, ‘I am depressed,’ because I’d done enough shows [about depression].”

The entire interview will air on CNN Jan. 17 at 9 p.m. ET, but check out the full clip below, and then tell me, PopWatchers, what was your biggest “mac and cheese moment”? (Note: Does not necessarily have to entail actual consumption of mac and cheese.)