It’s easy to be skeptical about spoof-news shows — there is a graveyard full of shows that tried and failed to be the next Daily Show — but I laughed out loud constantly during last night’s season premiere of Onion SportsDome, the SportsCenter-skewering series from the makers of the iconic comedy-news website. The premiere had a good mix of right-on topical humor (LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh rewriting the rules of basketball to make it cooler), media satire (a baseball-team-solves-crimes police procedural), and outright absurdity (Alex Rodriguez writes and stars in a Staying Alive-esque musical!) Still, the part that had me on the floor was the play-by-play footage of a meth addict wrestling with invisible snakes: “Makin’ those snakes play his game!” Check out the video:

PopWatchers, did you tune in to SportsDome? Be honest, it was still less ridiculous than SportsCenter, wasn’t it?